Australian Sapphires

A sapphire is one of the most elegant gemstones. ï»¿

Traditionally, blue (especially ‘cornflower blue’) sapphires have been the most highly prized, but more recently sapphires of a range of colours have been marketed. Many of the sapphires mined come from New South Wales, where the blue sapphires have a deeper colour than the Sri Lankan stones.

Legend and Lore

The legend and lore of sapphire are quaint. The gem of the soul, and of autumn, sapphire, the natal stone for September, was said to preserve the wearer from envy and to attract divine favour. Fraud was banished from its presence and necromancers honoured it more than any other stone, for it enabled them to hear and understand the obscurest oracles. The ancients thought sapphire to be endowed with the power to influence spirits, to be a charm against unchastity and capable of making peace between foes and protecting its owner against captivity. The Sinhalese respect the star-sapphire as protection against witchcraft.